Politics & Youth: The Blinders

A three-piece from Doncaster now based in Manchester, The Blinders are already starting to take over the UK alternative scene. After releasing their debut EP Hidden Horror Dance last year in May, they came back with the single Swine in October. They identify themselves as ‘loud and visceral political punk rock with enigmatic, psychedelic poetry and tones‘ but this wouldn’t be enough to describe their sound. They claim to have many musical influences from Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, Cohen to the South Yorkshire band they grew up with, Arctic Monkeys. However, they like to take inspiration from everything else around them like literature and poetry with Kerouac, John Cooper Clarke and Rimbaud…

They came back to London to play Scala with Strange Bones as the supporting acts for Cabbage.


Getting on stage with his usual black eyes make up, the frontman, guitarist and vocalist Thomas Haywood settles the atmosphere and we can feel what’s gonna happen for the next half hour. An energy that gives life to their lyrics based on their political concerns and being young adults in the actual society.


Thomas accentuates their political opinion by showing up in an anti-Tory shirt (where you can read ‘The tories are a bunch of c*nts’) and being proud of showing it to everyone in the crowd while standing on the drum kit.


The three-piece’s live show easily captivated the crowd (a big part being here for the headliners), with songs like ’84’ or ‘Swine’ that you might have already heard but also new ones like ‘Brave New World’ which is to be released on July 4th for the Independence Day. You will have to wait until October to hear it live in London while they’re touring with The Shimmer Band, Blackwaters and Bang Bang Romeo for This Feeling.

The full photo album from Scala is available in the gallery, or on Flickr.


Gotta Get Through


ICB Blues

Brave New World

Ramona Flowers


March March March






The Blinders are Thomas Haywood (guitar, vocals), Matty Neale (drums) and Charlie McGough (bass).

(Live at Scala, 29th May 2017)

By Laurine Payet.






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