AIRWAYS: introduction & UK tour

Based in Peterborough, the four-piece indie-rock band Airways is growing more and more. You might know them from their tour with The Hunna a year ago or when they supported two Nothing but Thieves tours, but the four guys are expending their fanbase by just finishing a second UK tour. With two debut singles released last year, ‘Ghost Town’ and ‘One Foot’, they were back in May with their first EP ‘Starting to Spin’.

They found their own sound by mixing influences from many indie-rock and rock bands from the last two decades (Kasabian, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks…). Lively and talking about the society and life in general, they claim not to have a particular message with the EP but to give each song its own.

After playing a few big cities in the UK (and selling out Birmingham!), they ended the tour (where they sold out as well) at the 150-capacity venue Thousand Island in Highbury, London, where we went.


The four-piece made the choice of opening with the two unreleased songs ‘Smoke In My Eyes’ and ’Slow’, a risky decision since we all know that new material means a crowd that listens instead of a crowd that dances. However, the sing-along songs started right after with ‘White Noise Boys’, taken from the new EP. The setlist was made of ten songs (and a bonus Royal Blood’s ‘Out Of The Black’ riff); with six songs already out and four new ones in total.


We can clearly feel the energy coming from Brian at the drums, as if the leader wasn’t the singer, like it traditionally is in a rock band. This didn’t stop Jake (doing the vocals) from keeping a good approach to the crowd. First when it came to explaining the lyrics of Alien; which is, for the anecdote, a song about the early 2017 American tour the band had to cancel last minute after being refused their visas. The lead singer also had no difficulties getting everyone to sit and jump during ‘Mate’. Each member of the band has their own presence on stage, and their synergy fits perfectly with their sound and the vibes perceived by the audience.


A few of us (very few sadly) were lucky enough to know about the free gig they played on a rooftop the day after as part of the Nido Fest in West Hampstead, London. With almost everyone not aware of who they were, it took them (and us!) a few minutes to have a dancing crowd. Surprised but happy, the band showed everyone they could deal with an unknown crowd and performed amazingly.
Even if they haven’t got any future headline gig for the moment, they are touring with Dead! doing the whole UK during August, a good opportunity to catch both bands at the same time!

AIRWAYS is Jake Daniels (vocals, guitar), Alexander Ruggiero (guitar), Jamie Reynolds (bass) & Brian Moroney (drums).

All the pics available in the gallery or on Flickr (with some after show portraits).



Setlist: (*only at Thousand Island)

Smoke In My Eyes


White Noise Boys

Ghost Town*

Reckless Tongue

Starting to Spin*


Listen to Your Friends


One Foot

By Laurine Payet & Léna Villari


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