Bingley Music Live 2017, DAY 1 w/ Manic Street Preachers, Maxïmo Park, Dead Pretties…

Being our first year attending Bingley Music Live, we absolutely had no idea of what to expect from the festival situated a few miles away from Leeds. The line-up looks amazing, the tickets are not as expansive as a basic festival in the UK and the passes sold out a few weeks before it starts.

Arriving at Myrtle Park in the early afternoon, we have the chance to discover the beautiful field and its few food trucks before the crowd invades the site.

We start our day with the opening act of the event: Lea Porcelain. The three-piece takes over the small stage (called the ‘Discovery Stage’) at 4. It is not of their advantage to be scheduled first while some are still at work but the few groups already there enjoy the alternative sound of the band who released their first album recently.

Lea Porcelain

The crowd gets bigger an hour after, when the London trio Dead Pretties starts their set. Even with a lot of efforts from Jacob, the singer, to get everyone to move and get closer to the stage, not everyone is receptive and there is a big contrast between a static public in the middle of the afternoon and the energy given during the band’s performance. Their two singles ‘Social Experiment’ and the newly released ‘Confidence’ bring some fans to sing along with their ‘Tom Waits’ old socks’ sound, as they qualify themselves.

Dead Pretties


As Dead Pretties finished their set, we quickly leave the discovery stage and make our way through the massive crowd who is dancing and singing along to Twin Atlantic’s old songs like ‘Free’, ‘Hold on’ and some of their newest songs like ‘No sleep’, from their 2016 album GLA. 

The sun stops shining and it starts raining just before Maxïmo Park, the 2011 BML headliner, goes on stage. If the band took time away from the spotlight during a few years, their performance excited the audience and prepared the atmosphere for the headliners of the day: Manic Street Preachers aka The Manics.

Maxïmo Park


After the rain comes the rainbow and with it the last act of the day. The Manics take the stage with the same energy they had in the nineties according to some old fans. The band brings people from all generations together and the crowd sings the lyrics from ‘Your Love Alone is Not Enough’, ‘Everything Must Go’ and other timeless hits.

Manic Street Preachers


The first day is over. Time to go back to the camping site and have a good night sleep before tomorrow’s day.

Words by Laurine Payet & Léna Villari.

Photos by Laurine Payet.

Manic Street Preachers


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