Dead Pretties about future releases & Truck Festival… (INTERVIEW)

They’re from London, we found them at The Great Escape a few months ago and we met them this weekend after their set at Bingley Music Live for a small talk. They’re Dead Pretties. They open up about future releases, being impressed by Truck Fest and their best live experiences.

Dead Pretties

UpKoming: Before we start talking about music, can we know a little bit about yourselves: who are you, who were you before the band and how did you meet?

Jacob– We (about Oscar) met at college, a sort of music college which we… we sort of knew each other because we were one of the 4 people there who completely really hated it.

Oscar– We went to an Horrors gig. You were talking about it the next day and you were there…

J– I was there ‘eh man, we should probably do something like that’, so that’s what we did. Despite the abundance of drummers at this college, they’re all c*nts and all wanted to be in wedding bands and some sh*t. I used to go at a rival school and seeing him (Ben) at parties.

Ben– It wasn’t even in London, sort of it but not really… We sort of knew each other mutually, seen each other you know…

O– At school parties and stuff.

So it just came naturally?

B– Yeah we finished school and then started doing this.

You just released you second single. Do you have anything planned at the moment: an EP or an album… maybe?

J– There’s a video coming out soon for ‘Confidence’, our second single.

O– On the 28th, around the 28th.

J– And then in about 4 weeks there’s another single coming, just before our tour.

So it’s going to be singles and then you’ll see?

J– Singles and then an album. Few more singles, put out two or three more singles and then next year we’ll just get on with it.

Do you plan on doing any collaboration with other artists for your next singles?

J– I’d love to do it with Tom Waits but… so just us.

Do you have a precise creative process when you write a song?

O– It’s usually from acoustic guitar.

J– Yes, a basic idea. All our song can, or most of it, the majority of it can be played just on acoustic guitar. Once you take it to the band it sort of become a different beast, you work out different parts and make it our own individually.

So the lyrics come after all the time?

J– No, the lyrics are already with the acoustic songs. The lyrics stay the same from the start.

What are you listening at the moment and do you take inspiration from that?

J– Right now? Uhm, I recently started listening to quite a lot of old school hip-hop which is not really like me. All the 90’s sort of stuff, but also a bit of funk and I’m still listening to stuff like Tom Waits and all of that.

What about you guys? (To Ben and Oscar)

B– I just do a lot of soul and a bit of funk, but every artist I really like, my favourites are dead, James Brown people like that, they were very cool.

J– James Brown isn’t dead, is he?

B– He’s dead, he’s dead!

O– I think he died in 2004.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

O– We’ve played Truck!

Everyone else– Ever been to!

J: You’re so self-centred! ‘Best gig I’ve ever been to? WE were playing!’ (imitating Oscar)

O: I saw Fat White Family. It was absolutely insane.

J: I know what the best gig is I’ve ever been to but I can’t remember what it is. I’ve forgotten it. What was that f*cking gig?

O– No man, maybe it was at a festival! Okay wait, two seconds, what festival have we done?

Everyone– (disagreeing)

J– Oh I don’t f*cking know man.

So it was amazing that’s all you know.

J– It was so good…dude!

B– Was it an old band, a new band?

J– Mate if I knew I’d probably be able to get to it, I don’t.

So what’s your best live experience, when you played? Was it Truck?

J– Truck, yeah truck was a gig. 400 people knew, well not all of them but some of them knew the words to songs we haven’t even released yet, that was kind of cool. It was a bit dead today, I wanted people to be moving, but they were so like they’ve recently been sedated or someone they knew had died.

But I think it’s a family festival…

O– To be fair we knew nothing about this festival.

J– We just came from London.

So your tour is coming soon, October, what city are you the most excited about?

O– I think no one really cares, nobody’s self-conscious about it, you know like moving around, and dancing? It’s music, I don’t know which would be better… the further south is great.

J– They were obsessed with the cool in London and that pisses me off because I didn’t see it. We’re not very cool, so everyone is like you have to have the right haircut, your laces have to be the right fucking colour and it’s just like a regiment and nutsy, like this has to be great, this has to be great for it to be cool, for me to actually appreciate what you’re doing like… f*ck off man! Up North people are just here to see live gig and hear some music.

Do you have like a dream venue you’ve always wanted to play?

J– A dream? Do I have a dream?

A dream venue! A venue you really want to play?

J– A venue… Uhm…

O– I’ve always liked Glastonbury.

J– On a more sort of realistic venue, I don’t know there’s a couple place in London, it would be cool to do one day the O2 Academy Brixton.

We wanted to ask how you found the set today but I think you kind of already answered that already.

J– We played alright, I thought we’ve definitely played better.

B– We arrived about ten minutes before we actually came on stage because we got caught in traffic so it was a bit frustrating when we came on, I just sat on the drums.

J– I thought it was fun, it was just quite early in the festival. I had fun up there.

O– I thought it was good.

J– I was just like, why man? Move! Or not even move, but if people just get closer together…

True, you tried to get people together.

J– Yeah but I remember pointing some guy in a hat and him literally like realising I was talking to him just telling me ‘fuck off, fuck off’, but mate chill. I would have like to see another reaction of the guy wearing a hat when I’m like ‘I like you, come forward’. But he couldn’t take it.

Do you want to see any bands playing this weekend? Or are you just here today?

J– We’re only here for today. I don’t even know who’s playing, it’s a bit embarrassing.

B– I’d really want to see Manic Street Preachers. I like to listen to it even though I know it’s not the original members.

O– We missed Cabbage, I saw them at Truck.

Everyone- (laughs) Truck!

O– We thought Truck was going to be shit!

B– I had no idea of how it was going to be.

J– I have no idea where I was for the whole of Truck, we spent most of it in a chaos. It was fun!

Do you have a goal for the future months or are you just going to see how it goes?

J– Sell out our London show, that’d be cool. Yeah I don’t know, I want to get some f*cking gigs booked abroad man. We played Portugal, we loved that. So if our agent is listening book some gigs abroad man.

So your goal would be more live than recording and releasing stuff?

J– Yeah, I mean our goal is to get the album out next year, as early as possible next year.

B– It’s there, it’s all written, it all there we just need to record it and put it out. We have to apparently stick to this.

J– It’s like a regiment thing.

Catch Dead Pretties during their UK Tour.


Dead Pretties are Jacob (vocals, guitar), Oscar (bass) and Ben (drums).

Interview by Léna Villari & Laurine Payet, on Sept 1st 2017.


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