Bingley Music Live 2017, DAY 2 w/ Kaiser Chiefs, Sundara Karma, Anteros…

Let’s just start with a tip if you decide to camp at a festival: make sure your equipment is going to resist the first night… Just saying.

After moving to a local hotel we head back to Myrtle Park: Bingley Music Live Day 2, here we come.

The sun is (finally) shining and the field is empty when we arrive. The day starts at the Main Stage with Sifaka. The energy of the band and their sound between soul, rock and African blues, are completely different of what we had the chance to listen to yesterday, and it’s a good thing. A few more people arrive for Willie J Healey. He takes everyone who’s already there in his own world with songs from his debut album ‘People and Their Dogs’, released a few weeks before the performance.

Willie J Healey

Time to go to the Discovery Stage where we can witness the performance of the Bristol based alternative/indie rock guys from The Shimmer Band. With their songs ‘What Is Mine?’ and ‘Shoot Me (Baby)’ they made the sing along crowd move, even at that time of the day. They’re warming up and getting the public excited for their tour with This Feeling in October alongside Bang Bang Romeo and BlackWaters.


The festival offers a lot of possibilities for everyone to eat and while a big part of the people there is enjoying their lunch, we rush to the Main Stage where Yak is playing. The London band doesn’t show much enthusiasm (maybe spitting is a way to show enthusiasm?) but that’s part of the show, and everyone knows it. We however enjoy the powerful sound of Yak and would put ‘Alas Salvation’ followed by ‘Smile’ as the highlights of the set: a spitting voice followed by a crescendo song starting with softer vocals, which brings dynamic to the performance.


It’s Anteros’ tour to take over the Discovery Stage. They start their set with ‘Cherry Drop’ from their last EP called ‘Drunk’, which ain’t a surprise but still works perfectly as an opening song. Laura Hayden’s impressively energetic stage presence creates a connection between her band and the crowd which is now dense. Their electronic pop mixed with some rock influences matches perfectly with the family vibe of BML and all ages seem to enjoy Anteros’ set.


It is a very different public a few minutes later on the Main Stage for Sundara Karma: much younger, but also much more passionate. They’re not an upcoming band anymore and it is noticeable. Just arrived on stage, the crazy crowd starts singing the words to ‘Be Nobody’, and doesn’t stop for the whole beautiful hour of their set finishing with ‘Explore’.


No need to introduce Peter Doherty anymore, one of the headliners of the second day. There is no disappointment but unfortunately no surprise from his performance. He is what everyone knows about him: not really sober but an incredible musician.

We run to the Discovery Stage to catch the last performance of the day in the small field: The Big Moon. They are four girls and the reason why we should fight for women artists to have the same visibility than men. The Londoners offer Bingley an amazing end of day and we are for sure attending their headlining show at KOKO next month.


It is a shame we have to rush before the end to catch the start of the very big headliners Kaiser Chiefs but that’s the rule when going to a festival. ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’, played as the sun goes down, builds the spirit of the energetic set full of hits. Frontman Ricky Wilson can’t stop running all around the big stage when singing their big tunes (every Kaiser Chiefs’ song is a hit, actually). The crowd is wild, even in the back but the enthusiasm and energy reach a peak when the first notes of the iconic song ‘Ruby’ are played. They also perform ‘Oh My God’ with the lyrics ‘I’ve never been this far away from home’, which he explains not to be relatable since he’s ‘never been so close’ to his hometown as he was born two miles away from Bingley in Keighley. The big stage doesn’t scare them and they keep a constant proximity with the huge Myrtle Park. The positive summary of Day 2 is confirmed.




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