Sold-out night for Flyte at Scala: Review

Only a few weeks after releasing their debut album, we caught Flyte for their London sold out show at Scala.


The first act of the night is a brand new band called Wooze. After witnessing their first ever show for Head Above the Clouds at Camden Assembly 3 days before, the curiosity of seeing how they are going to take over the big stage of Scala is huge. If there was one word to describe their performance, it would be ‘audacious’. While the 2-piece band is playing, some strange yellow men are doing weird dances, throwing tennis balls at each other and even doing some vocals appearances.


They seem to already have their brand built and this is a very interesting point for a fresh act. Using a combination of efficient riffs and distortions, their sound is as original as their show and we are looking forward to seeing their evolution and growth. The second supporting act is a solo London act named Grace Lightman. It’s all about her voice, her set is much calmer than the previous one but she easily warms up the room in order to settle what could be compared to serenity.

Grace Lightman

The venue is packed, the crowd is dense and it is time for the headliners to get on stage. It is with no surprise that Flyte open with ‘Victoria Falls’, one of the singles off their debut ‘The Loved Ones’, released on August 25th this year: what a clever way to start a set and get the crowd to be in the right mood in a few seconds.


The harmonies match perfectly with the cloudy lights and this association brings the ambiance to a new level. We discovered them a few months ago supporting Alexandra Savior twice, including once in the venue they’re now headlining, and it feels completely different: they take control of the night.


They end the set with their famous and powerful ‘Faithless’ after performing a cover of ‘Archie, Marry Me’ by Alvvays, with for instrument the simple voice of Will, the frontman.


The full photo albums for Flyte and Wooze are available.


Victoria Falls
Closer Together
Sliding Doors
Harley Street
Orphans of the Storm
Annie and Alistar
Little White Lies
Cathy Come Home
Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays cover)

Words by Léna Villari & Laurine Payet.


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