Tenement Trail Report (w/ Louis Berry, Catholic Action, Anteros…)

The line-up, the city, the venues… I don’t know which if these made us want to travel all the way to Glasgow to attend Tenement Trail but this was definitely not the wrong choice. The concept is easy: more than 50 bands in the same city, the same day but in different venues, al located on the Glasgow path: Sauchilhall Street.  Composed of music lovers, the team of the independent music platform Tenement TV propose an affordable festival for music fans in Scotland of all ages.

After a stop at the O2 ABC Glasgow to get our pass,  we start the day with the Bristol singer-songwriter Stevie Parker. The atmosphere in the small venue Broadcast is quite cosy, a few people are singing along but most of them just listen quietly the soft and powerful voice of Stevie Parker.

Stevie Parker

We make our way to O2 ABC2, the small venue sister of the O2 ABC, to see a band we already introduced: Anteros. They open their 30-minute set with their usual ‘Cherry Drop’, however, the vibe feels different from the few times we’ve seen them. The lighting added to Laura’s attitude and vocals are bringing us back to the 70s with the glam rock period, especially for their expected future hit ‘Love’ which is not released yet. Even if ‘Anteros’ has to be cut off the set list for timing reasons, the public seems to enjoy the early show.


The rule of a festival like Tenement Trail is to be aware that you won’t be able to see all the bands you’d want to, and even if we ran to Broadcast to catch Dead Pretties, the set is almost finished and we can only hear the last song played in the (very) packed venue.

It is with excitement that we finally get to see Louis Berry, one of the headliners of the day after having missed all of his gigs in London. Coming from Liverpool, Louis Berry delivers an awesome authentic performance and captivates the attention of the audience at each songs. Mixing classic rock, indie and American country styles, his sound is unique. The crowd echoes to his raw voice, especially for ’She Wants Me’, ‘Restless’ and ’25 Reasons’ during which families and friends start dancing a bit like in a village fair.

Louis Berry


We then head to The Garage where Lost in Vancouver is playing in the hidden bar of the famous venue. We are once again only able to catch the end of the set but the indie band from Edinburgh gives us a really good introduction to their music which makes us wanna hear more, with the hope of a future London gig.

After our interview with half of the band (which you can find here), we were curious to see Saint PHNX playing at the O2 ABC2. The two brothers: Stevie, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, and Alan at the drums prove that 2 is a winning number. Their symbiose is even stronger when Stevie lets his guitar for the percussions with his brother still on the drums, or when Alan takes the mic.

It is a completely different atmosphere that we experience a few minutes later at The Priory. The small venue is full, the crowd packed and we can already feel the excitement of the fans of Strange Bones. Despite the sign ‘no crowd surfing’ due to the low ceiling, the frontman does not hesitate a second to jump in the crowd before the music even starts. Crazy… that’s the word for both the performance and the crowd. The way the band connects with the crowd is an amazing thing to witness even though the numerous mosh pits and crowd surfing can be a bit scary for those who aren’t used to it.

Strange Bones

The day ends with a band we saw a few months earlier back in East London: Catholic Action. Unfortunately for us, when we arrive the venue is already quite full and the crowd is packed in front of the stage. It is still a good way to end the busy day of Tenement Trail made of amazing gigs and new discoveries and it is quite likely that we will attend the next edition, thing that you should do as well.


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