A Brand New Concept of Live Nights in London: Decave Collaborations.

The London music scene, in terms of live, is very active and living in the capital city of the UK means you are able to find a gig around you every day, but how hard is it to end up somewhere where it doesn’t look and feel like any other show? I very rarely see other concepts than a classic gig: one or two support acts playing before the headliner. I discovered Decave a few weeks ago before their 6th edition.

Their original idea is to reunite two artists who don’t know each other and to make them jam during the day. They then have to play a gig on the same night with what they wrote within the few hours together. I was surprised not to have heard about it before but glad I could attend the next one: a collaboration between Blaenavon’s bassist aka Frank Wright and Ellie from the Goat Girl.

The venue changes at every edition of Decave and this time was at the King’s Head pub in Hoxton. The ambiance is something very surprising: dark lights, big animal statues… The posh place sets up an atmosphere not usually found at a gig. The event starts with some poetry from Jamie Lee. The room is not fully packed at first but everyone is paying attention to the show and the recitation is well acclaimed. It is followed by a stripped down set from THØSS. He warms up the room with some of his originals and we can feel the crowd getting denser in the small venue under the bar of the King’s Head. We cannot contain our excitement to see the result of the work from Frank and Ellie.


The night being sold out it is hard to make a proper move in the crowded room when the newly formed band gets on stage. Both artists accompanied by Goat Girl’s bassist Naima Jelly and Cavey’s drummer Adrian. They offer a musical story about Marty the Martian and I can say I witnessed one of the best jam ever. It might seem a little bit short but very intense. A lot of influences and music genres but everything together forms the perfect mix: some rock, some spoken words, some musical touch from each artist… Ellie is on the guitar, Frank on the keyboard and both of them on vocals.

Frank & Ellie

Decave #7 is on its way to be revealed but before, a new edition of Decave has been announced with some new concept: Decave Discovers. The first night will only feature Spanish up and coming bands and will be headlined by Tourjets. Happening at the famous BIRTHDAYS in Hackney, it is obviously not to be missed. More informations about the event can be found here.

Decave is on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Words by Laurine Payet.


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