Harmonies and Leg Raises for The Lemon Twigs in Kentish Town (REVIEW)

We all know that one band playing the tiniest venue a year ago, you said they’d get big soon and they’re now playing 2,000+ capacity. This is for me the case with The Lemon Twigs.

The band from Long Island started in the UK at The Old Blue Last in August 2016, then sold out the MOTH Club, KOKO, and O2 Forum Kentish Town last month. An incredible night for the D’Addario brothers.

Starting the night with a band I already introduced two months ago when they sold out Scala: Flyte.

They look less confident than when headlining but as soon as they see how receptive the crowd is to their harmonies, they gain confidence to play their songs from their debut album. Some of us will recognise Alvvays’ ‘Archie, Marry me’ that they cover full a Capella. Adding Flyte to the bill was the perfect match with the Lemon Twigs who were about to deliver one of their best performances.

Starting as per usual with Brian on the mic and Michael behind the drums, the two brothers accompanied by keyboardist Dr. Danny Ayala and bassist Megan Zeankowsky open their set with the winning ‘I Wanna Prove To You’, first track of their debut ‘Do Hollywood’. A brilliant start followed by ‘Haroomata’ and the atmosphere is already set up for a dancing crowd.

Hitting his drums as if it was the easiest game for him, Michael proves he has skills, but not only: he knows how to be a showman but also a leader, even at the back. After some tunes from their recent EP and a surprising Jonathan Richman cover, ‘You Can’t Talk to the Dude’, Brian ends his part on the front with their famous ‘These Words’ which is for me the best piece of their debut.


After changing roles during the emotional ‘How Lucky Am I?’ and its harmonies by Danny and Michael, it is now Brian on the drums while his brother is fronting the band. Everyone is wondering how he can deliver such a great musical performance while doing what seems to be the most exhausting dance: from jumps and leg raises to running around, Michael apparently has a strong cardio ability. It never seems to stop until the end of the set (before the encore, obviously!) and ‘As Long As We’re Together’. They come back to end with a song every fan knows all the words to even tho it still hasn’t been released: ‘Queen of my School’.

More than being incredible musicians, both Lemon Twigs are what we can call frontmen and it’s like they’ve already had years of performing experience while being 18 and 20. The band is currently looking for a new drummer to change their stage formation.


I Wanna Prove to You
Why Didn’t You Say That?
You Can’t Talk to the Dude (Jonathan Richman cover)
These Words
How Lucky Am I?
Night Song
Baby, Baby
Foolin’ Around
So Fine
As Long as We’re Together
Light and Love
The Queen of My School

Words & photos by Laurine Payet.


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