Yonaka setting The Garage on fire (REVIEW)

They’re one of the most exciting bands to have done their breakthrough in 2017, Yonaka played a packed and sold out gig at The Garage in Islington at the end of February. After seeing them performing for Jack Saunders’ Hopscotch tour, here is what we thought of it.

The night starts with Blackwaters and their angry punk-rock full of energy. We discovered the four-piece from Guildford last year at The Great Escape festival and their show wasn’t less impressive. They set the room on fire even though only a small part of the (already) big crowd knows them. Some old songs like ‘Fuck Yeah’ or ‘Down’ stayed on their set list while they played some new songs not out yet. 1
The second support is a Stockport musician called Findlay. She released her debut album, ‘Forgotten Pleasure’ at the end of 2016. She describes herself mixing 90s grunge, shoegaze and garage pop and, as confusing as it sounds, the result is sensational. She enchants The Garage with a surprising and very good stage presence. The highlights of the performance would be ‘Electric Bones’ and the well excepted final ‘Off & On’.2

Theresa, the frontwoman, gets on stage on the first notes of ‘Ignorance’. Their sound is a perfect blend of pop, rock, metal and a small touch of hip-hop influence for the vocals. It is noticeable they reached a fairly good level of stage experience and the four of them show an awesome and similar energy.3.jpg

After having released their EP ‘Heavy’ at the end of last year, they gave the crowd another dimension to it. The biggest surprise was the visit of Matt Thomson, singer from The Amazons for a featuring on ‘I Fall Apart’. Their strong and visible friendship is the key to the success of the song.5.jpg

Yonaka end the show with ‘Bubblegum’ and its powerful intro, and ‘Would Wanna Be Ya’, a nice way for everyone to still want more.

The band proved they were quickly breaking through by selling out the highly rated 600-capacity venue. They actually announced on social media at the end of the show their next headlining gig being at the Electric Ballroom. Catch them there on October 11th.

Words & photos by Laurine Payet.


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