Australian Electronic Band Haiku Hands in London.

Did you say female electronic band? Haiku Hands come from Sydney, Australia and are without doubt the next breakthrough of the music industry. After hearing their single ‘Not About You’, in Netflix’s Good Girls, I was intrigued and decided to know more about them. Their European tour stopped at Corsica Studios for a headline show that will not be forgotten. Used to play big sold out warehouse parties in Australia, it is easy to see the band has stage experience on big crowds.

Their entrance on stage feels like it could be an arena show already. More than their sound, the strong choreography and stage game the three artists have are what creates their identity. The audience does not need more than a song to be involved and to ‘Squat’ with the band while playing the last song Haiku Hands have released with True Vibenation.


They describe their influences as a mix between hip hop, pop, electronic, dance and disco but the new genre they created feels as powerful lyrically as it is musically.
Jupiter, released early this year has an indie rock touch making the set nicely contrasted without losing the fire already set on stage.


The small downside of the performance might be the disappointment in hearing there is only one songs left after 30 minutes and after playing the big hit ‘Not About You’, accompanied by confettis. Everyone seems to be able to dance all night long with Haiku Hands and it could have even been more appropriated to see them perform during a club night.
Haiku Hands are to be followed closely and we are more than excited to see what is coming up for them.



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