The Shimmer Band on the future of album, challenges as a band… (INTERVIEW)

They recently released their 5th single 'What Is Mine?' and just finished the This Feeling Alive Tour with BlackWaters and Bang Bang Romeo, The Shimmer Band are on their way to be huge. We had a small chat with the frontman Tom for their date at the one and only Electric Ballroom in London. UpKoming:... Continue Reading →


Marsicans about touring, social media and skinny-dipping… (INTERVIEW)

Last day of Bingley Music Live, and with it our last interview with the hilarious Yorkshire guys from Marsicans. We have a good laugh talking about music, touring, friendship, skinny-dipping and breaking into strangers house… oops! Marsicans are James (lead vocals/guitar), Oli (guitar), Rob (bass/keys) and Cale (drums). UpKoming: So for those who don’t know you, can you tell us... Continue Reading →

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